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In order to use BibleCrawler, you must indicate you acceptance of the licences under which the data has been made available. BibleCrawler is a tool for those engaged in research involving Biblical languages. Most of the databases are made available under a scholarly-use / research purposes licence arrangement.


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With regard to the texts it distributes, CCAT has made all reasonable efforts to insure that appropriate consent and permission has been obtained from copyright holders of published texts converted into machine-readable form as well as from producers of the electronic form, and thus that fair and permitted use of such materials does not constitute an infringement on copyright. Pertinent information is included in the documentation supplied (see "Read Me" file) with the electronic materials. In accepting the machine-readable materials listed below, as distributed by CCAT, the recipient agrees to observe the following "fair use" provisions: 
  1.  Not to use or make available these materials for commercial purposes, without first obtaining the written consent of the owners/encoders; 
  2.  To observe any special restrictions that may be governing the use of particular texts or bodies of material stipulated in the aforementioned documentation; 
  3.  To control access to these materials and require any other party to whom the recipient supplies any portion of this material to observe these conditions and to register a signed User Declaration form with CCAT; 
  4.  When making formal public reference to the materials, to acknowledge appropriately the holder of the copyright to any published text that has been encoded as well as the encoder and the source from which the machine-readable form has been obtained, to the extent that these details are supplied in the aforementioned documentation; 
  5.  To report promptly to CCAT any errors discovered in these machine- readable materials.
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Research Purposes Scholarly Use Licence

The licence covers the databases listed below. By accepting this licence, you 
  1. Declare that you are actively engaged in biblical research
  2. Acknowledge that these databases are licenced for research purposes only, and that this licence does not allow any commercial use of these databases.
  3. Acknowledge that you will control access to these materials and not allow 3rd party access.
The licence covers the following databases. The source and copyright holder of the relevant databases is also listed. You should contact the copyright holder in relation to all commercial / non-scholarly use of this material
SDBH Semantic Domains and Lexicon
Copyright permission granted by the editorial board of the Semantic Dictionary of Biblical Hebrew : see www.sdbh.org
BibleCrawler Databases
The following databases were developed by Rt Rev. Dr Michael Stead, who gives permission for use for research purposes
  • Versification
  • Hebrew WordFamilies
  • Greek WordFamilies
  • Hebrew Lexicon
  • Greek Lexicon
  • Extensions to Tov's Parallel MT/LXX
  • Vulgate (Morphology)