The BibleCrawler 5 Minute Tour

 This 5 minute guided tour of BibleCrawler highlights some of its key features.

(Hint: move this page to the lower tab area, and follow the instructions step by step in the upper area.  To do this, use the ‘switch-tabs button’ (the reciprocal arrows) at the top right of this window.  If you accidentally close this help window, you can reopen it at any time by selecting   Help – Help (In Tab).  Alternatively, you can open the help in your standard web browser by selecting Help - Help(In Browser).

Passage Display => Word search => LXX comparison

Type "Gen 1:1-2" in the "BibleRef" box in the toolbar, and press enter.

Use the mouse to hover over the Hebrew Word בָרָא. The information for this word displays.

Left-click on this word. A popup menu appear with all of the searches you can perform on this word. Click on the first option in the list ("Search for HebLemma='בָרָא').  A results tab appears in the lower tabpage area.

Note: If you moved the help page to the lower tab, this results tab will display in front of the help window.  Click on the tab labelled “Help” when you want to return to these instructions. The table on this tabpage tells you that this word occurs 48 times, and lists all the occurrences of the word in a scrollable list.

With your mouse, click once in the column to the left of the first verse reference (Gen 1:27), then hold down SHIFT and click once to the left of the third reference (Gen 1:27).  If you have done this correctly, the first three references should be highlighted.

Click on the "Show All/Selected" button. A new passage window appears in the upper tabpage area, showing the three selected verses with the search term highlighted in red.

Click on the Layout dropdown list in this window.


Choose the Layout “LXX” – this will redisplay the selected verses

Click on the word ἐποίησεν in Gen 1:1. Hover over (but do not click) the 2nd menu item, and a sub menu will be displayed.  This submenu decodes ‘GrkMorphology = “V  AAIAS” as verb aorist active indicative 3rd person singular (3S).

Click on “Morphology inspector”.  This will list all of the morphological forms of the verb ποιέω, together with a list of some of the ways this form appears in the text, and a count of the number of instances of this form.

Click on the red cross at the upper right of this window to close this window.

Click (again) on the word ἐποίησεν in Gen 1:1.  Select      Search LXX for GrkLemma =   ‘ποιέω’

This displays a results tab in the lower tab area.

Before we display some of these results, click on the “Search Table” tab. 

This lists the word searches so far, together with a highlight colour (which defaults to red).   Change the highlight colour for the GrkLemma search to ‘purple’.


Now switch back to the tab   labelled GrkLemma=‘ποιέω’, and use the mouse-click technique described above to select the range Gen 1:1 – Gen 1:27.


Click the button Show All/Selected. Switch the Layout to “LXX” to display highlighting.


Click (again) on the word ἐποίησεν in Gen 1:1.  Select      Search GNT for GrkLemma =   ‘ποιέω’


Use the mouse-click technique described above to select the range Matt 1:24 – Matt 3:10, and click Show All/Select.