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Steve Miller

When I do the install I get the popup error message Invalid file handle 32.
This pops up twice.
The program does install but there is no shortcut on the desktop or start menu.
The program starts up, but when I go thru the 5 minute tour, the button says just Show instead of Show All/ Selected, and when I pick the button, it shows all even though I have 3 verses selected.
It later failed doing the LXX search.
I saw in another post that I can add other Bible translations via Settings, but I do not see a Settings pick.
thank you
Michael Stead

Hi Smille10

Can you please email me directly (rev dot stead at gmail dot com) with information about your version of windows - Windows 10 Home/Pro? 32 Bit or 64 Bit? etc This info is found by right-clicking "This PC" and selecting "Properties". This will help me to track down the problem with the invalid file handle message.

When you select a range of verses, you need to select the left most column. Click once in this column with you mouse, hold shift and press the down arrow to select multiple rows.

The button shown in the 5 minute tour with the label "Show All/Selected" is from an earlier version. The text on that button now just says "Show"

Kind regards