LXX Tools in BibleCrawler


There are five (5) layouts on the BibleCrawler layout menu that allow research on various aspects of the LXX.

1)      LXX – The standard layout for the LXX

2)      LXX Extra – Compare multiple text traditions in the LXX

3)      LXX GNT – Display

4)      LXX Parallel – Display Parallel MT and LXX

5)      LXX Variants

The features of these 5 layouts are described below:


1)                  LXX Layout


This layout displays the MT, RSV and LXX in parallel columns.  Type the passage to display (e.g., Gen 1:1-2) in the “BibleRef” box at the top right, and press <enter>. Hover over a word to display definition and morphology information.


Left-click on a word to search.  This shows a search for ποιέω in the LXX : result = 3387 matches

See ‘Advanced Searching’ for details on how to use the ‘search bucket’


2)                  LXX Extra


The “LXX Extra” layout displays parallel LXX columns where there are multiple text traditions
(e.g.. OG/ Theod., Josh / Judg)





3)                  LXX GNT – Display


BibleCrawler can compare two passages and identify the terminology in common to both.  The comparison can be done between two LXX passages or the LXX and the Greek NT.  The passage compare process automatically uses the layout “LXX GNT” to facilitate the comparison.

Example: Compare Isa 45:23 (LXX) and Phil 2:10-11 (GNT)

                Select                    Tools  - Compare Passages (Grk)

Enter Isa 45:23 as passage1 and Phil 2:10-11 as passage2, then click ‘Compare passages’


The table shows all the words in common to both passages. Now click “Show Passages

Two passage tabs are displayed (using the layout LXX GNT) with words in common highlighted.

4)                  LXX Parallel – Display Parallel MT and LXX



Select the layout “LXX Parallel” and enter a passage to display (e.g., Gen 1:1)



This view shows the parallel alignment of the MT and LXX prepared under the direction of E. Tov. 


It is possible to search this parallel aligmment, to research how the LXX has translated words in the MT, and vice versa.


To perform a parallel search, click on a word, select ‘Search for GrkLemma’, ‘Search ParallelLXX’

The search result begins with a summary table, followed by a list of every instance of the search word with its corresponding word in the MT.

5)                  LXX Variants


This layout displays LXX, RSV and LXX Variant information.  Select this layout then enter a passage – e.g., Gen 2:7.







BibleCrawler LXX Tools comprise

·         a morphologically analysed LXX (Ralphs).

·         Parallel MT / LXX   (E. Tov)

·         Brenton’s Translation of the LXX

·         LXX Variants (project of u.Penn)